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Partnered Local Mobile Euthanasia Veterinarians

Peaceful Shores Holistic Veterinary Hospice

Dr. Kennedy

(774) 775-2727

Best Life Mobile Vet

Dr. McStay

(508) 632-3066

Litchfield Animal Wellness

Dr. Monte

(508) 240-4676

Paws to Rest (*Boston/South Shore)

Dr. Calabria

(781) 706-2261

Say Goodbye at Home (*Boston/South Shore)

Dr. Holt

(508) 375-1234

Vetcall (*Boston)

Dr. Tedaldi

(857) 362-7270

Local Pet Hospice Resources


Sweet Energy – Melanie, of Sweet Energy, offers a variety of massage and energetic healing (Reiki) services for companion & working animals. Massage and Reiki are gradual processes, taking some time to shift energy and promote healing. Each session is unique and customized for your animal. Treatment benefits include:

  • Relieves pain and improves mobility

  • Eases anxiety and stress

  • Promotes recovery from illness or injury

  • Assists with training/behavior challenges

  • Supports general health and immune systems

Services offered in-home, outside, and other locations for the animal's comfort. Flexible appointments.

JBK Photography – Photo sessions for terminally ill and elderly pets can be difficult, however, it is an opportunity to celebrate the joy pets bring to our lives. It’s a chance to capture the personality of this creature you’ve shared your home and heart with. And it’s a way to create tangible memories that will help you keep him close, long after he’s gone.


Jean, owner and photographer at JBK Photography, offers pet session's that are the perfect way to capture the relationship between you and your pet. "I love to create a portrait that brings tears of joy to your eyes and captures the relationships and personalities of those you love.

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