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Flying Pig Pottery Urn

Flying Pig Pottery, located in Woods Hole, creates one of a kind urns. Each unique piece is wheel thrown white high fired clay, decorated using sgraffito technique. 

Sgraffito is the art of carving through a colored slip to the contrasting clay body beneath. The Flying Pig Pottery’s signature work consists of a white clay body decorated in dark blue slip, which is then dipped in a clear glaze.

Extra Small (<10lbs) – $130

Small (10 – 30lbs) – $150

Medium (30 – 65lbs) – $170

Large (65 – 100lbs) – $220

Extra Large (100 - 200lbs) - $270

Custom options include a tree only or a cat under the tree.

*These urns are hand made on Cape Cod and will have small variations making each one unique.

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