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DNA Helix Pendant


Reddish Amethyst

R-12 Reddish Amethyst.jpg

Dark Blue

R-41 Dark Blue.jpg

Hand-crafted by McDermott Glass Studio, located in Sandwich, to memorialize your beloved pet in an eternal DNA style helix that you can wear around your neck. Interweaving a small amount of cremated remains with a swirl of your chosen color, the artists create a one of a kind memorial.

Each custom piece is locally hand-crafted and incorporates a small amount of cremation ash, allowing you to scatter, bury, or store the remainder in traditional memorial urns and keepsake urns. 

Approximately 2 1/2" tall and the example pendant uses the color "Reddish Amethyst" and "Dark Blue."

*Please allow 2-4 weeks for completed memorial

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