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Pet Casket

When a cherished pet passes away, it is important to find a meaningful way of honoring your companion. Recognizing the special place pets hold in the family, we understand for some, the importance of providing a proper resting place for closure and healing. 

Our pet caskets boast a thoughtful design crafted with high-impact styrene plastic in a two-piece construction (lid and base). This non-deteriorating plastic ensures a lasting tribute for your pet. Choose from three styles: Economy, Standard, and Deluxe. The Standard and Deluxe options come with plush interior bedding, available in pink, blue, gold, or silver. The bedding includes a lace-trimmed pillow and satin fabric mattress. The Deluxe version goes a step further with a matching laced-trimmed coverlet and an upholstered casket lid.

For added peace of mind, each casket comes with sealing tape. Once applied, this tape effectively seals the casket, providing protection against air and water. We understand the importance of honoring your pet's memory, and our pet caskets are designed to reflect that sentiment with dignity and care.


Small: 21" x 13" x 8.5"

Medium: 27" x 15" x 9"

Large: 36" x 20" x 12"


Small – $100

Medium – $120

Large – $160


Small – $150

Medium – $170

Large – $210


Small – $185

Medium – $205

Large – $300

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