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Barnstable Pottery Art
Natural Urn


Hand-made by Barnstable Pottery Art, located in Barnstable Village, this urn is the perfect way to naturally hold your beloved pet's ashes. Created from stoneware clay, it is worked into a simple yet timeless shape that has been used for millennia.

Extra Small (<15lbs) – $90

Small (15 – 45lbs) – $120

Medium (45 – 75lbs) – $130

Large (75 – 120lbs) – $155

A biodegradable option is available made to order. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. This urn will completely biodegrade in either a water or soil environment. PLA natural plastic compostable bag will be used to hold the ash in the urn.

*These urns are hand made on Cape Cod and will have small variations making each one unique.

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